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Wellness Policy and Lunch Room Guidelines

Wellness Policy

St. Jude Catholic School’s Wellness Policy is in compliance with Kansas Child Nutrition and Wellness guidelines.  A complete version of each indicator is available in the school office.

Here is a summary of the Wellness Policy Guideline:

·         Nutrition education is implemented as part of health education and as a part of the science curriculum for all grade levels

·         All students have the opportunity to participate in moderate to vigorous physical activity, through physical education class and recess. 

·         Students have access to drinking water throughout the school day.  Students are allowed to have clear individual water bottles in the classroom.

·         Teachers and parents are encouraged to offer healthy options for classroom rewards, parties, and celebrations.

Lunch Program

We are fortunate to have a hot lunch program at our school. Hot lunches are prepared in the parish kitchen daily. Students purchase lunch cards that are punched when used. Milk cards may be purchased if the student drinks more than one milk per day or if the student brings lunch from home.

1.   No carbonated beverages are allowed in the lunchroom.

2.   No fast food will be allowed to be brought into the lunchroom.

3.   A doctor’s note must be on file for students who cannot drink milk or who have food allergies.

4.   There will be no refunds at the end of the school year and grades will be withheld if money is owed.

5.   A notice will be sent when your child needs to purchase a new lunch or milk card.

6.   Lunch money is to be brought to the lunchroom before classes begin at 7:50 a.m.

This program is self-supporting and therefore it is imperative that lunches/milk be paid promptly. It is costly and time consuming to keep track of and send 2nd and 3rd reminders for payment. Free and/or Reduced Lunches are available to those families who qualify financially. Contact the Kitchen for information.

If you qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch take advantage of it. The school receives funding as well as becomes eligible for Title I services that help enrich the education of those students who qualify for tutoring. It is very important that you find out if you are eligible.