St. Jude's Church would like to thank Chris, the manager at Johnson's Garden Center on West 13th Street. He has been very supportive of Our Lady of Guadalupe Prayer Garden. Johnson's Garden Center donated four large red crepe myrtle bushes for the north area of the grotto. They are blooming now and are so beautiful. Please visit the grotto to appreciate their generosity. 

Thank you to Ryan Jeffery of Westlake Ace Hardware (Westlink Shopping Center at Central and Tyler) for helping us to beautify Our Lady of Guadalupe Prayer Garden. Ace Hardware provided twenty-four beautiful Martha Washington geraniums which were planted on each side of Our Lady. Room for the flowers was made possible by the recent removal of twelve old cedar trees--which nicely opened up the area. In addition, Veronica Sunshine, colorful chartreuse, mat forming perennials were given and planted below the rosebushes on each side of the grotto. Their donation has tremendously helped to provid a beautiful area to relax, pray, or gather in small groups. We appreciate their generosity.