If you were at the 8:30 Mass on Sunday, Feb. 18, you were able see an important ceremony for the RCIA class given by Fr. Jim and Mark Miller.   Our catechumens (unbaptized) and candidate (baptized) with their sponsors all signed the St. Jude Book of Elect during their Rite of Sending. 

           The Book of Elect was then presented to Bishop Kemme that afternoon at the Cathedral church.  Assisting in the ceremony at the Cathedal were Diana Wolfe, who read the names of the St. Jude class as each came forward to meet Bishop Kemme; and Chris Benefield, who helped as an Usher.   Those from St. Jude who participated in these ceremonies were:

     Catechumens:  Fabiola Magana and sponsor Ricci Creekmore

                              Jesse Haskin and sponsor Joey Mies

     Candidate:        Mary Lue Calkins and sponsor Tom Depperschmidt


          We ask the St. Jude parish family to surround the RCIA participants with prayers, so that our entire church can accompany them and help lead them to a strong and personal relationship with Christ.   Thank you for your continued prayers.