Kindergarten Weekly- February 11-15

This Week’s Snacks:

(14 Students)


Tuesday: Aaliyah

Wednesday: Ms. Punteney

Thursday:  Valentine’s Party at 2:15

Friday: 12:30 Dismissal– No Snack

Please send  14 healthy snacks to school for the class. Each student will be asked to bring snacks one time a month.


Show n’ Tell: (Friday)

Please bring ONE object from home for show and tell. Please practice what your child is going to share with the class about their object. - February  22

Please no live animals unless approved by me and Mr. Lyall


Star Student! 

Megan Sisler


Math/ Science/ Studies

Math–  Addition with Totals

SS– Holidays Around the World

Science– How to knock down Concrete Walls

Religion- Jesus Gathers Friends

Language Arts

Our letter of the week:


Cat Masks

Popcorn Words

Where, Jump, Away


Ms. Punteney’s Notes!

Walk in Sisters Shoes

Tuesday–  Mass

Library Day– Please make sure your child has their library book, so they can get a new one!

Wednesday– Please bring in your Valentine’s Box by this day.

Thursday– Valentine’s Day!

Party– 2:15-3:15

Friday– Mass

12:30 Dismissal– No LATCHKEY

Mr. Lyall has decided that there will be NO KINDERGARTEN class on March 4-5 due to screening for next year


Kindergarten will NOT be having class Monday March 4th and Tuesday March 5th in order to screen incoming Kindergarteners.