This Week’s Snacks:

(14 Students)

Monday: Lennox

Tuesday: Kelly

Wednesday: Maddox

Thursday: Ms. Punteney

Friday: No Snack- 12:30 Dismissal

Please send  14 healthy snacks to school for the class. Each student will be asked to bring snacks one time a month.


Show n’Tell: (Friday)

Please bring ONE object from home for show and tell. Please practice what your child is going to share with the class about their object. - NOVEMBER 9th

Please no live animals unless approved by me and Mr. Lyall


Math/ Science/ Studies

Math– Mid-Module Assessment

SS– What is History?

Science– How to warm up a frozen playground

Religion- God gives me Feelings

Language Arts

Our letter of the week:


Decodable- Hot Hot Hot

Popcorn Words

A, I, See


Ms. Punteney’s Notes!


Red Ribbon Week

Monday– Creating Shields to represent virtues– receive red ribbons

Tuesday–  Practice saying no kindly

Library Day– Please make sure your child has their library book, so they can get a new one!

Wednesday–  Wear Red shirt and Jeans

Practice making good choices

Rosary in the church– 2:45

Thursday–  How can we make a difference?

Friday– Mass– 12:30 Dismissal– Latchkey will be available

Report Cards went home today– please sign and return it! Remember, it is only the first quarter and we still have a lot to learn.