Religion- The students are writing prayers of thanks for Thanksgiving as we work on the virtue of thankfulness.  At home, have  your child name things he/she is thankful for.

Spelling- test on Friday

see   red   that   this   back   sing   bring   think   green   three   are   from

The bag is from Pam.

I think we can go.

Math- The students are working on using a number line to add.  They are working on the doubles addition facts.  Please help them memorize these:  1+1,  2+2,   3+3,  4+4,  5+5,  6+6,  7+7,  8+8,  9+9,  10+10.

Reading- The article this week is At Home in the Ocean.  The students will be identifying this as informational text, as we discuss the main idea (What the article is about?) and details ( information the author gives to help us know more about the main idea.)

Monday- Read and memorize the words to know. 

Tuesday- Read At Home in the Ocean.  Have the student tell you the main idea and at least 3 details from the article.

Wednesday- Read the reader in the bag and have your child tell you the main idea and at least 3 details.

Thursday- Read the article Water in the big reading book.

Social Studies- The First Thanksgiving

Science- We learned how sound is made by vibrations as we created musical instruments.  See the link to a picture of first grade with their instruments.

Important Dates

Thanksgiving Break - No School November 19-23

Spirit day on Wednesday, November 28

Christmas Program in the evening on December 18