Happy March!

It is simply amazing that we are already into the third month of the new year. The cold weather is (hopefully) almost behind us, life outdoors is ready to spring back into action, and yes, state assessments have arrived. That being said, please know how very important it is for students to get a great night's sleep and a nutritious breakfast. I know in my heart that the 5th graders are ready to go; however, attention to the little things help pave the road to success.

Please take a moment to see what we are up to right now academically as March reaches the half-way point...


Math: We are finishing up our last standards involving measurement and data as state tests begin in a couple of weeks. Then, we will go back and review what we have learned this year as well as get our feet with with some 6th grade math concepts.

ELA: We are completing another novel study. The book we are reading is Hatchet. The students are really into the book and it has definitely fueled their desire to continue reading novels during our ELA time. 

Science: We are ready to embark on a study of my favorite part of science class--life science! Ecosystems and the food web will drive our learning adventure.

Social Studies: The students are knee-deep in a project involving the American Revolution. Currently, they are researching about the tensions in the colonies that caused the American Revolution to unfold. I'm excited to see what they present to me at the end of March!

Religion: We continue to study the sacraments and prepare for our end-of-the-year assessment. The students are focused on the sacraments of initiation and healing as of right now. We are also discussing physical boundaries and keeping ourselves safe. St. Jude, pray for us.


I ask that you kindly pray for the students as they begin state assessments. This can be an overwhelming and stressful time for kiddos. A great deal is required of them; however, as I stated earlier, I truly believe in my heart that we are ready. Nonetheless, the intervention and grace of our Heavenly Father is always the beacon of hope we can count on without reservation. 


In Christ,

Mr. Zimmerman