This is THE BEST time of the year! The holiday season has arrived and we are knee-deep in some pretty amazing learning adventures in 5th grade. Even though the excitement of Thanksgiving and Christmas has grabbed a hold of us, we are still focused on numerous invigorating academic activities. 

Take a moment to read what we are up to right now...


Math: Fraction mania has arrived! We just finished up decimals as well as an entire domain of our math journey. Students took a preliminary assessment related to this material and did quite well. As always, I am so, so proud of these young people! I'm blessed!

ELA: We have begun a novel study. The book we are reading is Number the Stars. It is one of my favorites, and early returns tell me the students are loving it as well. How exciting!

Science: We are continuing our study of space science. The students are getting ready to learn how and why stars change with the seasons.

Social Studies: The students are engaged in a huge project. We are looking at early colonization in America. Our focus for the project is on the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies. I know that there is an enormous amount of creativity in my kiddos that will undoubtedly fuel some incredible presentations once research is complete.

Religion: We have shifted our focus to the sacraments. Likewise, we are continuing to look at the mysteries of the rosary. As always, daily scripture is a big part of our daily classes. Fifth graders continue to weave virtues into their daily activities as well, earning "virtue points" for the many awesome decisions and choices made each day. St. Jude, pray for us.


Please know that visitors are always welcome to come to our room and hang out with us. Please know that the students and I appreciate all of the help you provide at home in making their spiritual and educational journey a success.


In Christ,

Mr. Z