Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! I am looking forward to helping my students create positive memories as they continue their spiritual and educational journeys. As always, my main focus is spiritual growth, both for my students as well as for myself. We learn from each other what it takes to be Christ-like here at St. Jude and in our personal lives outside of school. This year at St. Jude we will continue a virtues-based approach to solving problems and growing as disciples of Christ. Our chosen school-wide virtue for the year is LOVE! For the first quarter, we will also be focusing on kindness and forbearance

I am blessed with another fantastic group of fifth grade students this year. They will have me for homeroom, religion, and math. I will also be teaching math to the third and fourth graders. I am excited for our new math curriculum as well as for the challenge of helping our students succeed mathematically. My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will guide me as I work with the children that have been entrusted to me by our Heavenly Father. 


Our beginning-of-the-year agenda looks a little something like this:


5th Religion:

We will begin with a focus on the sacraments and how they are God's gift of life to all of us. Also, the fifth grade students will be serving at school masses for the first time. I know they will do well!


5th Math

Our year will start with a review of the place value system. The curriculum is segmented into topics. The first topic of focus related to Kansas State Standards will be on Numbers and Operations in Base Ten.


4th Math

The fourth graders will begin with lessons addressing the understanding of place value for multi-digit whole numbers. The curriculum is segmented into topics for fourth grade as well. The first topic of focus related to Kansas State Standards will, likewise, be on Numbers and Operations in Base Ten.



3rd Math

For my third grade students, we are about to embark on a year filled with many new mathematical practices. I am so excited to see how much my kiddos will grow between now and May! The third grade curriculum is divided into topics as well. Our first area of focus will be relating multiplication to addition. So, let's start working with those multiplication facts a little bit each night at home. This will, undoubtedly, make a huge difference throughout the school year. There are websites filled with games to assist in learning multiplication facts. The third grade students' first topic of focus related to Kansas State Standards will be on Operations And Algebraic Thinking.