St. Jude Catholic School is committed to providing a Catholic environment in which all are valued as children of God with dignity.  We will treat each other with respect and we will refuse to allow bullying of any kind at our school.  

Bullying is defined as mean or hurtful behavior that keep happening.  Bullying behavior must be severe, persistent, or pervasive acts over time.  It is unfair and one-sided.  It is aggressive behavior that is usually repeated over time, occurs in a relationship where there is an imbalance of power, and intends to cause harm or distress and/or has a serous harmful or distressing impact on the target.  Think of ABCD:

A- Aggressive

B- Balance of power is unequal


D- Deliberate 

All bullying incidents should be reported to a teacher or the principal.  Written records will be maintained but will also be kept confidential.  All reported incidents will be investigated and there will be appropriate consequences, including student safety plans for victims and behavior change plans for students exhibiting bullying behavior.  

For convenience, an electronic form to report bullying is available on the school website.  This form is sent directly to the principal.  Reports can also be made in person or through phone call.  

We appreciate the commitment of everyone to create a safe and caring place for all students.