Tuesday, September 27th

Chick Fil A Fundraiser • 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Wednesday, September 28th

P/T conferences in the evening only
Spirit Day !!!
Book Fair
Thursday, September 29th

NO SCHOOL - P/T Conferences
Book Fair
Friday, September 30th

Saturday, October 1st

Save a Cow Eat Chicken !!!!!!!!

Books A HOY!!!!!


The St. Jude Book Fair is looking amazing!  We are still in need of volunteers to help make this an Arrrr-some fundraiser for our Library.  Please visit http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30E0849ABA62FA31-stjude and sign up for a time to help!  Your stewardship is greatly appreciated!

book fair

Stewardship for Grades 3-8

Dear Parents,

 In an effort for us to continue to develop good stewards, St. Jude Catholic School revised the form used to document stewardship hours for grades 3rd through 8th grade similar to the Catholic High School service program.  Please take a moment to discuss possible service opportunities with your child. As your child’s primary teacher, parents will need to assist student(s) on any or all service hours so that you can model your own stewardship to them. Your stewardship is vital for the life of the parish, thus your support in this program is of the utmost importance.


1. Service hours are outside of classroom time.

2. Parents are encouraged to assist students with their service hours.

3. Stewardship hours are things done above and beyond regular chores.  They are to be in service of the parish, school, or community. 

4. Younger students will require parental assistance to complete the form but not do it for them.

5. These service hours are counted as a test grade for Religion class in the 4th quarter. Incomplete service hours will require completion, even though full credits are not given.

6. Teachers may require half of the hours to be completed in the first semester.

Some suggestions are listed below:

          School cleaning

          Weeding the flower beds, water the flower beds during summer

          Pick up debris from lawn on campus

          Sweep or rake the campus from fallen leaves.

          Set up for various functions throughout the year (Fall Fest, Parish Picnic, etc.)

          Clean up for various functions throughout the year (Fall Fest, Parish Picnic, etc.)

          Tidy up church after Mass

          Helping in the school library before school

          Helping the school Book Fair

          After school tutoring (qualified Middle School students only)

          Serving as greeter for weekend Mass

·         Eucharistic adoration

·         Leading family rosary or prayer time

·         Visiting those in the nursing home

·         Offetory (3rd-4th can count one assigned Sunday and one volunteer Sunday)

·         Altar serving (5th-8th can count one assigned Sunday and one volunteer Sunday)

·         Cantoring at Sunday Mass



 Thank you for your help as you and your child strive to be good stewards of God.

God Bless,

Fr. Jim Mainzer, Pastor


Danelle Urban, Principal


National Talk like a Pirate Day

On September 19th, our kindergarten class celebrated National Talk like a Pirate Day and the letter R by being pirates for the day. They had a great time with eye patches, hats and pretending to walk on peg legs and of course saying "AHrrrrrrrrrrr." 


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