Religion- the Sacrament of the Eucharist, problem solving with other people

Spelling- test on Friday

far   much   play   gave   upon   after   handy   dribble   spell   shapeless   says   should

Six friends came to my slumber party.

We stayed up until three.

Mom made plum tarts for us.

The sweet crust was tender and good.

Reading- The Dot, compare and contrast

Monday- Read the words to know.

Tuesday- Read The Dot in the big reading book.  Compare  Vashti  from the beginning of the story to Vashti at the end of the story.

Wednesday- Read the little reader.

Thursday- Read Artists Create Art in the big reading book.

Math- 3 dimensional shapes, patterns with shapes

Please continue to practice the addition math facts.

Writing- personal narratives about out trip to the zoo

Religion- We are learning techniques on how to identify our feeling and how to calm down. We are also learning how to show love to others.

Spelling - The test is on Thursday.

how   now   cow   owl   out   ouch   house   found   gown   town


The house is in the middle of town.

Reading- The students are reading The New Friend as we learn to identify a character's words, actions, and feelings.

Monday- Read the words to know.  Say sentences using the words.  places   warm   flower   ready   buy   myself   school   city   party   seven   family   please

Tuesday- Read The New Friend in the reading book.  Talk about what the characters did and how they felt.

Wednesday- Read the little reader.

Math- how to read picture graphs and bar graphs

Important Dates

Friday, April 2o, No School