As most of you know very well, the day-to-day (not to mention hour-to-hour) tasks of a teacher can be hectic and time-consuming. Thankfully, the internet has made this task a little less time-consuming for teachers and parents. 

Through Google sites, I created a classroom website. The site is intended to bring a “virtual classroom” to my students, parents, and guardians. The site includes multiple pages, embedded videos and pictures. Like other Google Apps, Google sites is easy to navigate and like other Google Apps, it’s free. The site will contain the day-to-day tasks, assignments/homework, worksheets, and other necessary announcements. The classroom website will be updated bi-weekly. Thanks for taking time to visit the classroom site. I hope you find this classroom website helpful and informative. 

6th GRADE:

7th GRADE: 

8th GRADE: