4th Grade News

Hello Parents and Friends,

I want to thank all of you for attending conferences. It is truly great to know that we can work together as a team in order to help your children be successful and grow spiritually as well as academically. As I always tell you, these kiddos are absolutely amazing, and I am truly blessed to be their teacher. May God continue to be with us as we grow in a positive direction this school year.

 Curriculum Plan:

    • Math-  We are working with fractions, decimals, and real-world problems related to these two curriculum areas. Please stay on top of those multiplication facts!  
    • Science- We will continue to work with topics related to physical science. Likewise, we will transition to life science. The class has adopted a real shark that has been tagged by oceanographers and is being tracked in the ocean. Her name is Katharine! The kids LOVE checking her progress each day.
    • Religion- We will continue the "Walk in Sister's Shoes" lessons and activities. Students will look at empathy and poverty as they relate to our Catholic values.
    • Second Step- Our focus in Second Step will be on human emotions and managing our feelings in different situations.
    • Social Studies- Students are studying the regions of the United States. We will continue with the Southwest. This will involve projects that will be completed during social studies class. 

May God bless continue to bless you all as we continue on with 2018. Please keep our class in your prayers as we will also keep all of you in our prayers.  

Until next time, 

Mr. Zimmerman and his AMAZING 4th grade class 


St. Jude Catholic School

3030 N. Amidon
Wichita, KS 67204


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