Hello Everyone.  We are on the home stretch to Summer.  Just a reminder that our OKC trip is a week from Friday and all permission slips and the admission fee is due this Friday.   

We finishing up with state testing this week. Please make sure your students are eating breakfast and getting plenty of sleep.

7th and 8th will be taking a Math chapter test Tuesday and Wednesday. 

6 They will continue to work on chapter 9. Mean, Median, and Mode.



Hello Everyone, 

I am happy to announce our trip to OKC Memorial will be May 18th. I will be sending a permission slip home about 3 weeks before our trip.  Students will cost $4 with accompanying adults costing $12.


State Test once again this week.  Math begins today.  They will take part 2 on Wednesday.  those who need to make something up will do this on Friday.


Please make sure you students are eating breakfast and getting a good nights sleep

Assignments 3-13-2018

6th-pg 345-347-( # 3,7,9,17,26)-Study For Test

7th Grade- Practice 7.4

8th- Pg 325-327- (#1,4,7,10,14,17,18,27)-Study For Test


Hello Everyone,

8th Grade Will be having a test this week in Math.  They should be studying for their assignment today.

8th grade needs to be returning permission slips and money for job fair /Stratica field trip on Nov.7.  I need these by this Friday.  Driver re also needed or we will be unable to attend.

This weeknI will be sending home a field trip form for the Bishop Carroll Curriculum fair.  This is on Nov 10.  This will also be needing drivers but, it is only a half day. We will leave by 7:15 and return by 12:30


This week is all about Tests.  Students will be taking their chapter 2 Math test for each grade. They will have a review and then two days to Finnish the test. Students can use their notes and book.  If it takes longer than the allotted 2 days they will have to come in after school on the second day to finish.  Students also will be completed their map test and their Moby Max placement test.   Encourage your students to get a full nights sleep and study up.  


Hello everyone,

Welcome back to a new school year.  We are already taking our Moby Max placement test and are well into our textbook work. I am looking forward to meeting all the parents next Tuesday for the walk through.  I am looking forward to a great school year.


Mr. Blake Scott

I hope everyone had a great four day break.


This week we are doing walk in sisters shoes and the Middle school is having a penny war.  Everyone puts pennys in their own grades chair and silver change in other grades.  The silver coins count as negative and only the Pennies count as positive. Winning class gets a jeans day.  This will go on this entire week.


8th Grade is taking their Chapter 7 Test on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

7th Grade wil be taking their Chapter 6 Test on Thursday and Friday.

6th Grade- Students are continuing to work with solving equations.

6th Grade will be finishing their chapter 5 Test.

7th Grade will be starting their chapter 5 Test

8th Grade will be working on Chapter 6 which focuses on slope.


Let's have a great week

This is our last full week before Christmas break.  All student have just taken a test and have begun the next chapter. 

9th grade Math-  Students are working on systems of equations 

7th- students are working on rates and ratios

6th -Students are working with ratios

Christmas parties are next Wednesday at 10.  


8th Grade-  We will be having a test on Thursday into Friday.  They will have a review Tomorrow into Wednesday. 

7th Grade--  Students are in the middle of Chapter 4 which is all about inequalities.

6th Grade.- finishing Chapter 4 which is all about areas of Polygons.  They will also be having at Test this Thursaday.

American Heart Association Fundraiser.

All students are invited to raise some money for the American Heart association.  The Middle school students will have a dodge ball tournament this Friday.  For every 10 dollars they raise they will receive another life to be used during the games. Every students gets one live given to begin each game.  


This week we will be having parent teacher conferences.  I hope to see all of you there.  MIDDLE SCHOOL TEACHERS will be conducting conferences differently.  All middle school teachers will be available for conferences but will not have a sign up.  You will need to simply drop in to see the teachers during their available times.  Those times are on the school website’s front page.

September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness month.  Brooklyn Cowsill, daughter of our Title I teacher Kim Cowsill, went through chemo treatments for Ewings Sarcoma cancer last year and is currently in remission!  She is heading a fundraiser to help other pediatric cancer patients.  We are going to participate in the fundraiser by holding a hat day on September 28.  This is already a free spirit day but if students bring a $1 donation they will also be allowed to wear a hat to school. 

In class we will be continuing what we did last week.  All classes will be having a test next week.

Dear parents,

These first few days have been just getting students back into the swing of things.  I have given students their textbook which does need to be covered with any type they choose.  I just ask it isn't a sticky cover but a silk or heavy paper one will do. 

I have sent home a syllabus for you to read and sign.  I hope you have gotten a chance to look it over.

I am looking forward to a great year.

Thank you,

Mr. Scott