The 3rd graders are working on the saint reports for the end of October.  At the last Friday mass, the students will dress up as the saint they have chosen to do their report.  After mass, the students will go back to school and give the reports for all parents and guests to hear.  Please plan to join us. 

We are working on subtraction with regrouping.  The addition with regrouping went very well.  Subtraction is harder, so tomorrow we are taking a break from the book.  I will be working with individual students who are having some trouble with this concept; therefore, no math homework will be assigned tonight nor tomorrow night.

I am giving a spelling list to each student for the next week on Friday.  It is your student's responsibility to bring home the list and study.  We have a pre-pre-test on Monday, a pre-test on Wednesday and the final test on Friday.  Next week is short, so there will be no spelling tests.  If a student has an F or D in spelling, s/he can make up that test next week.  The words have been given to them.

This class is to fantastic and they have great ideas and imagination.  It is wonderful to hear all of their ideas and put as many as possible into place.

Have a great week.  Dr. A

Blessed day to all.

This year the 3rd graders will be studying their religion at a deeper level.  Each student needs to be thinking about his/her favorite saint.  

We will be working on language arts and will have a special session to help each student perfect his/her reading through groups designed to fill in the reading gaps that a student might have.  This will be a very special time for extra help if needed or expansion of skills.

Multiplication and division along with fractions, geometry, and data will be explored in math.

Dr. A