Mass Times

Lord's Day Mass
Sat 4:30 PM
Sun 8:30 AM
11:00 AM
Daily Mass
8:00 AM
Wed 6:30 PM
Thur,Fri 8:00 AM
See the bulletin for details

Confession Times

3:30-4:05 PM
30 minutes before Mass
Saturday, July 4th

Sunday, July 5th

Monday, July 6th

Tuesday, July 7th

Catholicism Class • 10:00am - 11:00am
Catholicism Class • 10:30am - 12:00pm
Wednesday, July 8th

Parish Council meeting • 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Knights of Columbus-June 2015

 On May 25th, we celebrated Memorial Day when we are to remember the soldiers who have given the ultimateprice for our freedoms.  We celebrate this day by grilling with our family, camping and going to the lake.  Didyou know that Congress, in 1868, declared the last Monday in May as a day to remember the soldiers of the Civil War? They also declared that at 3:00 p.m. all Americans were to observe a moment of silence to remember all the soldiers of the past wars. On May 17, we held a first degree in our Order.  Three men became Knights and one reactivated his Knighthood into our council.  This brings our New Member Total this year to seven making us in the running for Star Council.  The only thing in our way for this award is to get four Knights to sign-up for insurance before June 30, 2015.  If you are a Knight and don’t have K of C Insurance, please contact our insurance agent Darren Mueller @ 316-648-7136 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  June 28, we all will be saying good-bye to Father Vacca.  That will be the last time he will be celebrating Mass at our Parish.  On July 1, he takes over as the Pastor at Fredonia, KS.  We will all miss his wisdom and help.  The Parish Picnic will be held on September 20.  A few weeks before the picnic there will be a list in the bulletin for what each family should bring based on last name.  The Knights will supply and cook the meats.  The menu has not been voted on, yet, but will be by the August meeting.  As a Knight, if you want a say in the menu, come to the next few meetings and voice your opinion. The Knight of the month for May is Randy Waldren. Tthe family of the month for May is Ken and Betty Hemmen.  Vivat Jesus,  Alex Federico, FS


Catholicism Class

Save the date: June 16. Father Robert Barron is presenting his Catholicism Series, a visually exciting way to reacquaint us with the story of our faith. Come join us for a 10 week pilgrimage to discover the joy of Catholicism. The good news is you don't have to be a theologian to benefit from each episode in this travelogue. We will meet in St. Theresa's room every Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. for 10 weeks beginning June 16. View one or all of the episodes. You won't be disappointed!


Dillon’s Community Rewards Program

Replacing the current Dillon’s Reloadable Cards: Beginning Feb. 1, you will be able to use your Dillon’s Plus Shoppers Card to support St. Jude Catholic School. 

1) Go to

2) Sign in or create an account

3) Enroll your Plus Shoppers card.  There is a 12 digit

    number on the back of the card or you can use your

    alternate ID (which is your 10 digit phone number.)

4) Select number 10422 to support St. Jude Catholic

    School.    OR

1) Call customer service at 1-866-221-4141

2) Give them your Plus Shoppers card number

3) Ask them to select number 10422 to support St. Jude Catholic School.

Thank you for taking the time to enroll.  Each time you use your Plus Shopper’s card, Dillon’s will give back to St. Jude Catholic School a percentage on a quarterly basis.  Some restrictions apply.


Great Websites to Strengthen Marriages and Families

For Your Marriage:  Spanish:

National Marriage Week:

Marriage-Unique for a reason:

Amazing Parish-Marriage and Family Resources:

Bailey Family Missionaries

A message from the Bailey Family (Catholic Foreign Missionary Family at St. Jude): We are so excited to let you all know that we are going to Costa Rica in May! We leave Wichita on May 4th to drive to Big Woods (Family Missions Company home base). We will spend a week there praying and preparing for our new mission. We fly out of Houston for Costa Rica on May 12th. Please pray for this time of transition and for our new mission post. Consider becoming a monthly mission partner through your prayers and financial support. Donor cards are in the back of church. Donations can also be made online through our blog. We love you all! - See more at:


Lord's Diner Help Needed

Looking for a great stewardship project?  Please consider working at the Diner.  St. Jude’s day  is the 4th Tuesday of each month. We have a few people who work the evening shift, but we don’t have anyone working the day shift. Call David Mendoza at 304-9665 if you can help us out.


St. Jude Preschool

St. Jude Preschool has openings for morning and afternoon preschool and pre-k. Please contact Denice Seely with any questions or to register your child(ren). 838-0800 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Space is limited so please don't wait. 


Make St. Jude your Home!

Have you or someone you know been away from church for a while? Have you thought about joining the Catholic Church? The first part of the RCIA process doesn't require any commitment; it's merely a time to come and learn what the Catholic Church is about and have your questions answered.

Pray about asking a family member that has left the church; maybe there's someone you know who's looking for something good to rely on in this mixed up world today. Sometimes all it takes is to ask them and plant that seed...


Internet Addiction

Resources for an internet addiction to inappropriate materials:

We need to raise awareness of this new kind of addiction which is possible for anyone with internet access!

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